Global Communications Commitment for a Healthier World

Spreads throughout Latin America

7 March 2024  ─   INTERDECOM is pleased to announce the strong response of the Latin American communications organisations to the International Declaration of Communications Professionals and Researchers for a Healthier, Viable, Better World. Up to now, forty-four (44) organisations have committed to use their communications role and expertise for a healthier future, both protective of nature and of our humanity. Among them: research chairs, observatories, information platforms, intervention groups and numerous consulting firms, established in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. This global communications commitment also brings together larger organisations such as national associations as well as continental networks that extend their reach throughout Latin America. “The declaration's call for unity was heard and followed very early on by several Latin American communications organisations that is still very much alive across the region today”, states Solange Tremblay, INTERDECOM’s president.

Since its launch in the first days of 2021, the Declaration has been endorsed by more than 150 organisations in over 45 countries worldwide, including 19 major global organisations.


Some signatories in Latin America

  • Cátedra UNESCO/UMESP de comunicação para o desenvolvimento regional | Brasil
  • Cátedra UNESCO en Comunicación y Sociedad | Mexico
  • Cátedra UNESCO de Libertad de Expresión y Sociedades del Conocimiento (CIESPAL) | Ecuador
  • Grupo de Pesquisa em Jornalismo On-line (GJOL) | Brasil
  • AMAZOOM – Observatório Cultural da Amazônia e do Caribe | Brasil
  • OBCOMP – Observatório da Comunicação Pública | Brasil
  • Observatório da Mídia: direitos humanos, políticas, sistemas e transparência | Brasil
  • Rede Nacional de Combate à Desinformação Rncd Brasil | Brasil
  • Rincon de Todos | Uruguay
  • Asociación Mexicana de Comunicadores | México
  • Associação Brasileira das Agências de Comunicação (Abracom) | Brasil
  • Asociación Uruguaya de Comunicación Organizacional | Uruguay
  • Asociación de Consultores y Agencias de Comunicación Interna de la República Argentina – ACACIA | Argentina
  • Unión Agencias de triple impacto | Latin America
  • REDIRP – Red Iberoamericana de Relaciones Públicas | Latin America
  • FIDECI – Federación Iberoamericana de Comunicación Interna | Latin America


All professional and scientific communication organisations in every part of the globe are invited to join this wave of unity for a healthier world by signing the Declaration on the online form.


About the Declaration and INTERDECOM

Launched in January 2021 to nourish hope, action and social resilience, in the midst of the global health emergency and relentless climate crises, the International Declaration of Communications Professionals and Researchers for a Healthier, Viable, Better World brings together communications organisations from around the world who want to play a positive and unified role in response to the continuous planetary threats besetting our world. In a unified commitment, they pledge to use their roles, expertise, and bonds of solidarity to contribute to a healthier future, both protective of nature and of our humanity.

More information about the Declaration, its 9 languages, its impacts, and the signatories on the website.

INTERDECOM, the organisation behind the Declaration, was initiated by a network of communications specialists and researchers from nine different countries, with the support of ORBICOM, the International Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communication, its official sponsor.