From this moment on


will be known as the year a global pandemic reshaped our world.

Taking over one million lives in just a few months.

Disrupting economies. People staying apart, to stand together.

So how we act now is critically important.

As communication professionals and researchers

From every continent on this planet,

We hereby make a statement of clear intent; a commitment.

We commit

To work jointly and put our full energy into bringing people together

To make a healthier world possible towards a harmonious shift to a viable, better future.

As the virus spread South and North,

Entrenched inequalities have been brought to the fore,

Taking its highest toll on the most disadvantaged,

Sowing hunger and distress.

As imposed isolation swept everywhere,

Our cities and metropoles turning into ghost towns,

This pandemic revealed a planet so intensely ravaged and fragile

That, from all corners of the Earth,

An urgent need for unified measures has emerged.

In the face of this pandemic, climate emergency and future threats

We commit

To shoulder our responsibility through information and communications,

To call for equal protection for all,

Strongly affirming that everyone deserves the same protection

Regardless of race, origin, gender, group or status.

We commit

To play our full part in accompanying our communities

In a critical transition to a new way of life.

One that respects nature and the resources she gives us,

That nurtures biodiversity and protects and treasures the Earth, our only home.

We commit

To open, transparent and honest communications,

Free from fear and hatred.

Fostering a global, participatory, inclusive conversation

Unwrapping unexpected opportunities in this uncertain world.

Faced with this planet so intensely ravaged and fragile,

We recognize the need

To develop, share and continuously improve our knowledge and know-how,

Devoid of any sectarianism or hate ideology;

Through responsible communications

Based on ethics, equity, authenticity, transparency.

We commit

From all over the world,

To honor the power of active listening, lively and inclusive dialogue

Helping our communities and humanity build a healthier, viable, better world.

*   *   *   *   *

Launched simultaneously in six languages

French · English · Spanish · Portuguese · Italian · German ·

During the Covid-19 global pandemic

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With the endorsement of




December 2020

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